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New CoreUM Version Released

CoreSolutions Software is proud to announce the latest version of CoreUM.

Since its inception, the sole purpose of CoreUM has been to revolutionize and streamline how you schedule meetings. With that goal in mind, we are constantly trying to improve—developing features and capabilities that make your scheduling life easier. With our latest update, we have simplified the meeting scheduling process even further.

The latest iteration of CoreUM comes with a variety of new and improved features and functionalities, including:

  • Table-View Display
  • Improved Navigation
  • Enhanced Corporate Branding Capabilities
  • General Functionality Improvements

Table View

The addition of a table-view display makes it easier than ever to view who has responded to your meeting invitation, and what date works best for everyone. With this new view option, you can quickly and easily determine the best availability to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Improved Navigation

Overall, the layout of CoreUM has stayed the same. However, navigation has been reworked to be smoother, and more intuitive. Improving CoreUM’s navigation is just another way we are helping you save time when scheduling a meeting.

Enhanced Corporate Branding

For our corporate customers, we have enhanced the capabilities of the corporate branding feature. Now you can alter the background color to align with your brand image, in addition to uploading your logo and changing the accent colors.

Final Thoughts

At CoreSolutions Software, we recognize how challenging it can be to find a meeting time that works for everyone, and how valuable your time is; which is why we want to help you take back your time. 

Whether you are a regular user, new to the CoreUM family, or just hearing about it for the first time, now is a great opportunity for you to dive in and see what’s new!

Give the new and improved CoreUM a try today and start taking back your time. If you have any questions or comments regarding the new release, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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