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Going Beyond Software

For almost 30 years, CoreSolutions Software has been helping businesses reach their full potential through our beautifully designed interfaces and technical expertise. 30 years is a long time, and you don’t make it in the software industry as long as we have without providing something unique, and valuable to clients. One of the ways we provide that value, is ensuring that your solution not only exceeds expectations but has the right support systems in place to guarantee a seamless transition for everybody involved.A woman pointing at a computer screen

Our mission is to go “Beyond Software” in everything that we do. More than just building software, we build relationships. We build loyalty, and value; perfectly encapsulated by the one word our clients used when asked to describe us: trust. 

That’s why this month, we want to shine some light on how exactly it is we go Beyond Software. A good place to start would be a quote from our CEO, and founder, Barney Lawn:

I measure my personal success in business by the long-term relationships I have with my staff and clients and the success of our team and solutions. Nothing in my work-life gives me greater pleasure than helping my clients improve their organizations', increasing their capacity to deliver service and to see individuals succeed.”  

It is values like Barney’s that drive CoreSolutions to continuously improve, and consistently put the clients needs before every decision we make.

If you would like to reach out and discuss how we can go Beyond Software for you, fill out one of our Free Needs Analyses today!

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