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FileMaker 18 Has Been Released

We are excited to announce that FileMaker 18 has officially been released! As to be expected, the new member of the FileMaker family comes packed with updates, improvements and new features not present in FileMaker 17.

FileMaker licensing will be staying the same. However, enhanced security, improved user experience, and updated API functionality are just some of the changes accompanying the new release.

What’s New in FileMaker 18?

FileMaker 18 comes with a variety of new features, including:FileMaker Logo

  • New Import Dialog
  • Scripting & Calculations
  • Enhanced Barcode Support
  • Managed Security
  • App Open at Launch
  • Startup Restoration
  • API Updates

Feature Breakdown

Import Dialog & Error Logging

The new field mapping dialogue box will help improve accuracy and efficiency. You can type rather than drag and drop, and you can now select which row contains headers instead of the default first row. Script error logging will come in handy if you’ve ever had a user that encounters an error that others are having trouble replicating— you can simply go into their log to view the issue first-hand.

Expanded Barcode Support, Security & Opening Apps at Launch

Four new barcode types are now supported in FileMaker Go, most commonly used in manufacturing, commercial and government environments. Changes to security management means you can now give some users limited system access. Also, the “Open Specific App at Launch” feature allows those of you with one app to bypass the “My App Window” and launch directly into your singular application.

Startup Restoration & API Updates

Startup restoration has also been added, making your data automatically recoverable if FileMaker crashes, no backup restores required! Finally, data and admin API’s have been updated. Data API enhancements allow for more versatile integrated solutions and make use of REST-based API’s. FileMaker 18 Admin API will now be a standard feature, allowing for more flexibility in managing and administering applications.

For a more in-depth overview of what is included with the FileMaker 18 release, visit the full press release page. If you have any comments regarding FileMaker 18, please leave it in the comment section below. I hope everyone in the FileMaker community is as excited as we are!

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