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FileMaker is Rebranding

The annual FileMaker Developer Conference is a chance for developers to network, learn, and share their experiences with one another while exploring the latest advancements in the FileMaker platform. This year’s conference was no different, and although we were unable to attend this year, we still had our ear to the ground for any big announcements coming out of the event.

One of the largest announcements to come out of the conference, was the rebranding of FileMaker as a “Workplace Innovation Platform”. The main objective of this rebrand circulates around not only making FileMaker more accessible to the average user, but better defining what it is that FileMaker can do, and who it is for. 

Redefining FileMaker

In the past, FileMaker has been rather difficult to define. In the FileMaker Visionary Keynote, Director of Platform Evangelism, Andrew LeCates lists off some of the many categories that have been used to describe FileMaker; “relational database management system, rapid application development platform, low code platform, no code platform, high productive platform as a service, model driven development platform.”… Just to name a few. For people looking to address and hopefully solve business challenges, all that jargon can be confusing.

Evolving the PlatformImage of human evolution

By simplifying the messaging around what FileMaker is, they make themselves more accessible to those in need of it. As the workplace changes, so too must the technologies that operate within it. FileMaker is no different. By redefining themselves as a Workplace Innovation Platform, they better describe what they are today, as opposed to what they have been in the past—which is an important differentiation to make.  As stated in the Keynote:

                “The demand for application development far exceeds the supply”—Andrew LeCates.

FileMaker addresses this problem by providing a way for innovators and problem solvers within organizations to not only create and share application solutions but integrate them with the systems already in place.

Final Thoughts

In short, FileMaker is for problem solvers - workers who are getting bogged down with mundane processes or outdated technologies. Further, FileMaker exists to help catalyze growth, while mitigating stagnation. Many businesses understand the struggle of trying to achieve the flexibility and customization of custom enterprise applications, while leveraging the usefulness of their appliance apps. As Director of Platform Evangelism, Andrew LeCates stated: “workplace innovation platforms exist to bridge the gap between enterprise and appliance applications.”, and as that gap continues to grow, more and more people will find themselves in need of solutions like FileMaker.

If you are seeking a custom software solution or require training on how you can create your own in FileMaker, don’t hesitate to reach out. As certified FileMaker developers and trainers, we have the knowledge and experience to help turn your vision into a reality.

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