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FileMaker Templates

FileMaker Templates are here to help make your life easier when developing custom apps for your organization.

FileMaker Templates are free, premade applications that you can leverage to help manage tasks within your organization. So far, only three templates have been released, but each one tackles a different organizational function:

  1. Event Management
  2. Job Tracking
  3. Memberships

Essentially, these generic templates are made to be leveraged to custom-fit your organization’s unique needs. Rather than starting from scratch and reinventing the wheel, FileMaker templates make it significantly easier to develop custom apps for your business by doing the preliminary leg work for you. Each template even includes tutorials for how to add Build-On features, making it even easier to customize the template to suit your needs.FIleMaker Templates

These templates are particularly useful for beginning app developers, as each one includes insight into how they were made, in addition to the included tutorials. Even if you are a more experienced developer, templates can save you time by establishing an already-functional base for you to work with – letting you skip right to the customization. Looking to add functionality to the template? Easy. Simply follow the tutorials, or use them as a guide to develop your own Build-On.

With more templates scheduled to release soon, FileMaker is really stepping their game up on making their platform less intimidating to beginners and increasingly useful for more experienced developers.

If you or someone you know is working to strengthen their FileMaker skills be sure to check out our online training packages for users ranging from basic to intermediate levels of experience.

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