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Where to Find Old Versions of FileMaker

To some of you it probably seems like FileMaker is releasing a new version of their platform bi-monthly, but it’s not quite that often.

However, FileMaker has switched to an annual release schedule which does in fact cause us to have new versions a bit faster than we ever have in the past. Want to know more - Check out our History of FileMaker infographic.

There are lots of awesome reasons to make sure to keep your software updated including security, stability, and richer feature sets. In fact, we wrote an entire blog about why you should upgrade your FileMaker System. That’s why it is always our suggestion to upgrade to the newest version of FileMaker and experience the newest features. But there are times when you might need your hands one of those older versions of FileMaker. Sometimes you have an old system that was built in FileMaker 5 and needs to run on an operating system that isn’t compatible with newer versions of FileMaker.

If you are looking to install a newer old version of FileMaker (i.e. FileMaker 12 or 13), there is a great resource on the FileMaker support forums.

If you are looking for an even older old version of FileMaker, there are less direct options.

  1. You can head over to Amazon or any other similar websites and simply type in what you are looking for (i.e. FileMaker 8, FileMaker 11, etc.).
  2. You can contact your FileMaker Account Manager and request an older copy that may be sitting around or may be accessible from FileMaker through the FileMaker Business Alliance. Before FileMaker went to distributing their licenses via download links, all FBA’s bought licenses that came in boxes. Some of your FileMaker Business Alliance Members might have a remarkably strange quantity of FileMaker 5, 5.5, 7, and 10 just laying around their office on bookshelves.

These are the most straightforward and simple ways to get your hands on older versions of FileMaker.

If you have any other means to get an older copy of FileMaker, be sure to comment below – I’m sure it will help out your fellow FileMaker enthusiasts.

And as always,

Thanks for Reading!

Steve Malott

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