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Mobilization Nation

It is no secret that mobile devices account for a large amount of distracted time throughout the work day. How many times do you have to self-regulate your mobile use to ensure you stay productive at your desk? The answer is probably somewhere between a lot, and too often. What if I told you that your mobile devices could become tools to enhance productivity, as opposed to dampening it? It's called workforce mobilization, and through it, you can achieve a laundry list of benefits all geared towards enhancing your organizations efficiency, and productivity.

The Mobile RevolutionCellphone with CoreSolutions Logo on Screen

Mobile devices have changed almost every aspect of everyday life in recent years, so why would work-life be an exception? As the number of handheld devices have increased in the world, so too has their ability to influence our lives. Strategically speaking, businesses can gain from mobilizing their workforce, which could explain why 81% of CEO’s see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their enterprises. Bolstered productivity, increased sales, improved collaboration, and application integration are just a few of the many ways organizations are benefiting from properly implemented mobile strategies.

Benefits of Mobilizing Your Workforce

Accessibility Enhances Productivity

By purchasing or developing mobile applications that integrate with your existing business software, you provide your employees with enhanced accessibility. Accessibility not only to information when they need it, but where they need it. The ability to access relevant data from anywhere, at any time, while not having to enter various systems is vital to maintaining efficiency, accuracy, and increasing productivity. When information is easily accessible, employees can make quicker decisions, and with more confidence than if they had to access information across multiple platforms; ensuring more work can get done, in less time.

Employee Retention

Empowering your employees to enjoy the flexibility and accessibility of a mobile workforce can also increase job satisfaction, which in turn results in less employee turnover. Mobilizing your data so that it can be accessed from home provides employees with options to work when and where it is convenient for them. This alternative has become so popular in fact, that by 2022 it is predicted that the mobile workforce will rise from the current 1.45 billion to 1.87 billion. Already the past decade has seen a 115% spike in the number of telecommuting workers.  With more and more employees preferring to have mobile work options, it may be beneficial to consider the implementation or improvement of mobilization solutions within your organization.

Increase Sales and Cost Cuts 

One such implementation could be the mobilization of your CRM systems. By making customer and prospect data mobile-accessible, employees can pursue leads even while away from the computer. By pursuing leads on the road, or from home, organizations can widen their revenue stream, resulting in increased sales. Because employees can use their own handheld devices to access client data, the organization doesn’t have to provide their own equipment, cutting costs while simplifying accessibility.

Final Thoughts

Mobilization is revolutionizing the way business has traditionally been conducted. With the capabilities of mobile technologies increasing every day, it is important to keep your ear to the ground and stay-up-to date with all of the mobilization opportunities at your disposal. Whether you are looking for an all new mobile-strategy, or just want to explore some of your alternatives, be sure to reach out to CoreSolutions Software.

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