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Flooring Quote & Invoice Web Application

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Flooring Quote & Invoice Web Application


Our client had to generate quotes using semi-manual documentation methods ranging from Microsoft Word to hand written documents. Because the quotes required detailed information regarding special terms, instructions and warranties which could be subject to data entry error, the entire process served as a bottleneck for their operation. Also, due to constantly changing variables in scheduling and resource availability, it was challenging to coordinate the management of multiple jobs, quotes and materials.


To address the clients resource management and manual documentation challenges, we decided we needed to develop a browser-based web application. The application needed to manage client contact information, job management metrics as well as documentation, materials and invoicing, all while presenting the information in easy-to-view dashboards. The application also needed to be designed for use on both desktop and mobile devices to ensure data accessibility even while out of the office. Finally, different roles and security needed to be created to ensure integrity of information and processes.


After implementing the web app the client experienced a drastic decrease in time spent generating quotes and an improvement in data accuracy and completeness of quotes. Because of the increased accuracy of documented data, materials were more readily available for jobs as they were scheduled. More efficient job scheduling meant more work could be done in the same amount of time and time spent producing manual paperwork decreased significantly. Invoices became quick and easy to generate and were made accessible from anywhere through mobile devices. The improved speed and efficiency allowed for quotes to be made faster, as well as improved communications regarding project progress and status.


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